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Where Inspiration and Empowerment met to assist you with "Building Your Table"

We provide mental, emotional, and spiritual enrichment through trainings, workshops, groups, retreats and our self care products

About Us

Building my Table strive to support individuals, families and the community towards building their own table through workshops, groups and programs. Furthermore, we offer self care products to enhance your journey mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 


Building Your Table motivational journal aid in managing self-care.


The products that we handcraft goes hand in hand with our mission and values. We are very service-oriented, and our customers' satisfaction is one of our top priorities.



We will be mindful of our customer's and staff's well-being– treating each and everyone with dignity and respect.

​Proud member of NASE

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Building Your Table Motivational Journal 
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After soul searching to answer the question, “What do I bring to the table?”, Carman started Building My Table, LLC. to help others answer the same question. There could be a multitude of reasons you picked this book up, but deep down, it’s because you desire a change. This journal is to encourage you spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially.


If you need encouragement to become a better you and build your own table to become a believer in your higher power and self, then this journal is just right for you.


It will help you identify your strengths and assist with developing goals for building your table (your life) towards personal development and empowerment.

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Employee Relation Training and Workshops
  • Building Your Table Life Skills Series

  • Women/Men/Youth Empowerment Groups

  • Managing Compassion Fatigue/Avoiding burnout in the workplace

  • Self Care Awareness

  • Team Building Activites and Retreats

  • Cultural Sensitivity

  • Establishing and maintaining boundaries

  • Identifying mental health

  • Identifying high risk behaviors such as sexuality, drug use, or gang activity

  • Handling crisis situations that come up during the engagement

  • Effective communication

  • Developing effective SMART goals

  • Motivational interviewing

Individual/Group Workshops
  • Building Your Table Life Skills Series

  • Starting a small business

  • Mind/Body/Spiritual Wellness

  • Self Determination and Empowerment

  • Community Awareness and Resources

  • Financial Literacy and Awareness

  • Breaking Generational Cycles and Barriers

  • Strengthening families and building relationships

  • Healthy Parenting

  • Establishing healthy boundaries

  • Finding your Niche