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Building My Table, LLC 

"Where inspiration and empowerment meet to assist you with "Building Your Table"

We provide mental, emotional, and spiritual enrichment through trainings, workshops, groups, retreats and our self-care products 

About Us

Building my Table strive to provide effective mental, emotional, and spiritual enrichment support to individuals, families, and the community through workshops, retreats, community events, and programs. We provide a safe space for clients using a nonjudgmental approach when receiving services.

Provide a networking space for local small business owners connecting them to resources, community, and partnership

Provide employee training, staff retreat, and team building.

Work towards building the community by providing practical training for community agencies (establishing and maintaining boundaries when interacting and providing services to the community and reducing compassion fatigue).

Furthermore, we offer self-care products to enhance your journey mentally, emotionally, and spirituality. The products that we handcraft goes hand in hand with our mission and values. Building Your Table motivational journal series aid as a guide to building your own table.

Featured Products
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