Money Comes To Me Easily (Money) Intentional Oil

Money Comes To Me Easily (Money) Intentional Oil


Money Comes to Me Easily (Money) Intentional Oil- Olive Oil, Fools Gold (Pyrite), Shredded Money Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Florida Water, Cinnamon Oil and Sticks, Frankincense Oil, Orange Oil and Orange Peels, Rosemary Leaves and Oil, Chamomile, Coltsfoot Leaf, Cinnamon Sticks, Citrine, Green Peridot, Aventurine, Moss Agate (Crystals May Vary), and Fragrance Oil. Can be used as a candle dressing, added to bathwater, or on the skin (moisturize the skin).


Fragrance: Earthy blend of light citrus followed

with warm clove and exotic florals on a delicate bed of silky musk and patchouli


Money Comes To me Easily intentional oil- handcrafted for purpose and focus on the intentions that you want to manifest for financial prosperity, prosperity, good luck, manifestation, and business success.  All ingredients are cleansed with sage, prayer, and intentions are set carefully for two weeks. Also, come with a care card that suggests bible scriptures and affirmations related to love, crystals that pair well.


**Please test on a small section of skin before fully using**