Workshops & Retreats 

Who Do We Serve

  • Non Profits

  • For Profits

  • Community

  • Family and Friends 

  • Couples 

  • Corporations

  • Groups specifically geared towards women, men, and youth

Local Retreats 

  • Full Day Retreats can be held at your current location (please complete price quote below)

Group Workshops

  • Online Training, Courses & Workshops

  • Building Your Table Life Skills Series

  • Candle Making Workshop

  • Women Empowerment

  • Men Empowerment

  • Youth Empowerment 

  • College Tours 

  • Relationship Building & Strengthening Communication 

  • Starting a small business

  • Mind/Body/Spiritual Wellness

  • Employment Workshop

  • Self Determination and Empowerment

  • Community Awareness and Resources

  • Financial Literacy and Awareness

  • Breaking Generational Cycles and Barriers

  • Strengthening families and building relationships

  • Healthy Parenting

  • Establishing healthy boundaries

  • Finding your Niche

Travel Retreats 

  • Travel with friends and family to your place of choice and enjoy a relaxing 3 day retreat/workshop. 

  • Travel with your favorite people or individually  with "Building My Table" sponsored retreats 

  • Travel with your team and do a Employee sponsored retreat (please complete price quote below)

  • 4-7 day retreat focused on self empowerment and spiritual aware (please complete price quote below). 

Employee Related Training

  • Managing Compassion Fatigue/Avoiding burnout in the workplace

  • Self-Care Awareness

  • Team Building Activities and Retreats

  • Cultural Sensitivity & Diversity in the Workplace 

  • Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries

  • Program Development 

  • On Boarding and Orientation Training 

  • Improving Employee Retention 

  • Identifying mental health

  • Handling crisis situations that come up during the engagement with clients 

  • Effective communication

  • Engaging difficult participants 

  • Developing effective SMART goals

  • Motivational interviewing

Networking and Fundraising Event 

  • Networking with Community, Funders, and Supporters 

  • Fundraising

  • Silent Auctions

  • Pop Up Shops

  • Community Focused Events & Engagement 

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